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Accidents are unfortunately a fact of life. According to estimates, there are more than six million vehicle accidents each year in the US. While many may have been avoided, it is important to know what to do if you are involved in an accident. A police report should always be filed and you should go to the hospital even if you think you feel fine. Often injuries can surface days or weeks later. Never admit that the accident was your fault, and contact your insurance company. What are the major causes of accidents involving cars?

The Weather

Driving on dry pavement is totally different than driving when it is raining or snowing. Accidents occur more frequently when the road is wet. Standing water or ice on the road can create a slick surface causing drivers to lose control as well as increasing the amount of time it takes to stop.…

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Fighting For What’s Right

Whether your spouse has made things difficult for you or not, child custody can be a bitter battle. Especially when both parents have a different opinion on the best avenue for which to raise their child. There are also a few different outcomes or custody settlements that you may want to consider. Child support lawyers Pinellas County can help guide you through the confusing legal paperwork and literature when fighting for your child’s custody. You’re likely already stressed about the divorce, and fighting for the right to see your child can be just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to stress and anxiety. The lawyers of Steven J. Glaros understand this urgency and often feeling of helplessness. They can be your lifeline.

Experience Where It Matters

The first instinct that you may have after filing for divorce is to find a divorce attorney to …

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Saving is not the only way to keep the funds you own. There are options that are more effective and even beneficial to your finances, namely through investment. There are various types of investments that you can use, one of which bonds. Visit for full information about bail bond services.

What is a Bond?

Bonds are long-term loans with maturities of 5 to 20 years issued by companies, central government or local governments with a nominal value. With this investment, it means you as the owner of a loan to an institution that later the money and interest will be returned on the due date that has been determined. The longer the bonds time, the more the benefits will also be gained.

Profits from bonds are higher than stock investments, savings, and time deposits, ranging from 8.75-9.25 percent, with fixed interest rates. Naturally if investors are more glance …

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If you are concerned about the future of HGVs, then you may be wondering what the diesel scrappage scheme means for them. There are driverless HGVs being trialled in some parts of the UK and Tesla also has a line of completely electric HGVs but the big question that is worrying a lot of people is the diesel scrappage scheme. The government wishes to completely scrap diesel by the year 2040, and this means that diesel vehicles will be removed from our roads for good. So, what does this mean for the haulage industry? Will this impact diesel fleet and HGV qualifications such as CPC training costs?

Diesel and the Environment

The environmental secretary announced this measures as a part of his bid to tackle air pollution. At the moment, the plan is to remove only cars but that doesn’t mean that HGVs are safe – just that the …