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When someone signs a promissory note with a bondsman for the release of a relative or friend from jail, they are considered the co-signer. You will be required to pay the amount charged by the bondsman. This is generally ten percent of the bail that has been set. In addition, depending on the bail amount, you may have to agree to put up certain other things as collateral. This could include vehicles or a home.

What are a Co-Signers Responsibilities?

A co-signer must make sure the accused or the defendant shows up for all court appearances. If they do not, the co-signer is responsible for the entire amount of the bail. The bondsman will ask them to help find the defendant. In some instances, if the bondsman has to spend time looking for the defendant, the co-signer may be responsible for their expenses. A-Affordable Bail Bonds is one example of …

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If you have recently received a phone call from a friend or family member and were told that a loved one was in jail, you might have immediately started asking yourself what you can do to get your loved one out. Bailing someone out of jail can seem scary and intimidating, particularly when you’re doing it for the first time, but it’s easier than you might think if you follow these steps.

Find Out Where Your Loved One is Incarcerated

If you’re wondering how to bail someone out of jail Scranton PA, then the first thing that you are going to need to know is where he or she is incarcerated.

Find Out About the Charges

Next, you’re going to need to find out about the charges that your loved one is facing. This will have an impact on things like whether or not he or she is able …

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When you are married to a wealthy man, going through a divorce is often different than it is for other women. This is because a man will do a wide range of things to stop his wife from taking money he believes to be his and his alone. The following are a few basic strategies you should consider employing.

Don’t tell him you want a divorce

At least don’t tell him you are hiring a divorce attorney. The element of surprise is your greatest advantage when divorcing a wealthy husband. You need to speak to a divorce attorney so he can get an idea of what you are up against from the moment that your husband finds out that he will be going through a divorce.

Identify assets
One thing that an attorney will be able to do is identify you and your husband’s assets. Although these assets belong to …