Duterte Declares Martial Law In Mindanao

CNN was going through almost universal backlash on Wednesday after working an article on the Reddit user who made an anti-CNN, wrestling-themed GIF tweeted by President Trump over the weekend – and seeming to indicate the community would reveal the person’s identification if he reneged on an apology. Dennis Munoz, a lawyer in San Salvador, first took notice of El Salvador’s abortion legal guidelines when 17-yr-old Christina Quintanilla was found guilty of aggravated murder after suffering a miscarriage, and sentenced to 30 years. CNN by no means made any deal, of any sort, with the user.law articles cnn

Cruz’s tweets came after CNN was accused of blackmailing the man behind the Redditor ‘HanAholeSolo’ – an assertion it shot down as false. If Garcia is the chief of the youthful era campaigning for abortion in El Salvador, then Morena Herrera, head of the Residents’ Group for the Decriminalization of Abortion, is the voice of the outdated guard.

You are a liar for those who anticipate any of us to believe this has something to do with copyright regulation (or that you just care about such laws), because if it did, companies would’ve been targeting meme makers who use copyrighted footage/logos since the daybreak of the meme.law articles cnn

A change in the regulation would mark a big turning point for women’s rights in the country, but the invoice faces serious opposition from El Salvador’s Catholic Church, anti-abortion groups and politicians, together with the right-wing opposition celebration the Nationalist Republican Alliance (Area).law articles cnn

Trump supporters who observe …