Tips for Marriage to Remain Romantic Even though It’s Long Married

Happy marriage to the end of life is a dream of all people. Indeed, these expectations sound cliché, but there are also many couples who managed to maintain their love to old age. Yes, love, one word is sometimes confusing. Sometimes love comes suddenly, and just disappears. But, do you know when you do activities that are associated with ‘love’, the body will release the hormone oxytocin? This hormone is also known as a love hormone. This hormone will make you feel happy and euphoric.

It is important for you to maintain household harmony. Unfortunately, the road to a harmonious marriage is not as easy as turning your palm. You will meet a lot of contradictions, differences of opinion, so that sometimes the romantic attitude of the couple is reduced. Everyone has a different romantic level. However, sometimes this feeling is needed so that the marriage remains fresh, like just getting married. What is the solution for marriage to be romantic and full of enthusiasm like when you first stayed in one roof?
What needs to be done so that marriage remains romantic?
The key to keeping your relationship warm is to be a friend. You must often see friends upload photos on social media while on vacation with their partners, the photos show their romance. However, does their relationship really shine in real life? We don’t know exactly the answer, and we don’t need to guess.
Romanticism of relationships is not only seen from how many trips a husband

How to keep your wedding warm and harmonious

According to experts, 2 years after marriage enter a realistic phase. The honeymoon phase is up. Then you begin to see the shortcomings in your partner. Maybe you feel disappointed, start to get angry and angry. But marriage must continue and you cannot give up.
Marriage will always be colored by conflict, that’s for sure. It’s just that, this way of addressing the problem will determine how your next marriage relationship.
If handled appropriately, then the marriage continues to run well. If not, it is likely that the marriage relationship will deteriorate and be bland as if there is no more reason to stay together.
Mother, try applying some of the habits below to make a marriage relationship permanent and harmonious and strong in dealing with the storm of problems that come in turn.

1. Balance your work and family time at home
Too busy working will only make the relationship between husband and wife become tenuous. This sometimes happens because the husband is very busy and attaches importance to the work above the family. As a result there is no more time to take care of the family.
If the time is up just to work, obviously the partner will be hurt. He felt neglected and left alone at home.
Both husband and wife need to learn to balance work and family time. If you get home then leave the office and practice taking care of the family.
Work and home affairs require thought and attention. Be professional according

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