Abiding By Probation

If you’re on probation for a crime that you committed, then you need to abide by the regulations and rules that are set forth by the judge. If you don’t follow the requirements of your probation period, then you risk going back to jail and fulfilling your entire sentence instead of being able to spend time at home with your family and working to support yourself. Those who commit a Florida felony probation violation should seek the assistance of an attorney as soon as possible. An attorney can examine the claims of the violation and approach the court to ask that you have another chance to show that you made a mistake and that you learned from your actions. If this isn’t a possibility, then the attorney can ask for a lesser sentence so that you don’t spend as much time in jail. Your attorney can also ask that you receive credit for any time that you’ve already served in jail.

There are a few common conditions that you should be aware of if you are on probation so that you don’t violate them and end up in jail. One of the conditions that is to be expected is that you don’t commit a new crime while on probation and that keep any appointments made with your probation officer. You are to go to court when scheduled and attend any meetings or classes that the judge orders as a part of your probation. Sometimes, there are people or places you’re supposed to avoid. If you are seen with these people or at these locations, then you could be violated. Another condition is that you abstain from drinking or using any illegal substances. Felony probation often includes strict conditions for a longer period of time and often have significant consequences attached to any violations.