Things a Woman Needs to Be Aware of When Divorcing a Wealthy Husband

When you are married to a wealthy man, going through a divorce is often different than it is for other women. This is because a man will do a wide range of things to stop his wife from taking money he believes to be his and his alone. The following are a few basic strategies you should consider employing.

Don’t tell him you want a divorce

At least don’t tell him you are hiring a divorce attorney. The element of surprise is your greatest advantage when divorcing a wealthy husband. You need to speak to a divorce attorney so he can get an idea of what you are up against from the moment that your husband finds out that he will be going through a divorce.

Identify assets
One thing that an attorney will be able to do is identify you and your husband’s assets. Although these assets belong to both you and your husband, it is not uncommon for a wealthy man to begin hiding these assets. However, if the assets have been cataloged ahead of time, then your husband and his attorney will have a tough time explaining what happened to them.

An asset search can be done
Identifying assets and making an inventory is a great idea, but there may be many assets that you are not even aware of. Wealthy and powerful men have a habit of hiding some of their wealth for many different reasons that don’t directly relate to their wives, but these assets are likely yours as well as his. At least those assets that he accumulated since you have been married to him. Divorce attorneys have a lot of resources and skill at finding these hidden assets. Once a divorce is decided upon, having this information will help you get all that you are entitled to in a divorce settlement.

There are a lot of issues when divorcing a wealthy man, but a successful divorce settlement, at least from the point of view of the women, means receiving all that you are entitled to. Before telling your husband about your intentions, you should consult with divorce lawyers in Gurnee, IL to improve your chances of an optimal divorce settlement.