What Can Divorce and Family Law Attorneys Do For You?

Divorce and family law attorneys are professionals who can help you through your divorce. A reasonable attorney can advise you on the best way to divide your assets and ensure that your children are well cared for. They can even help you to find a mediator if you wish to settle your issues without going to court.

Child Custody

When it comes to child custody, parents have many options. They can share physical custody or trade-off parenting time with the other parent.

Having a lawyer can help you determine what is best for your children. They know the law and procedures and can help you organize information and present it in a way that a judge will most likely accept.

The courts will consider various factors when deciding what is in your child’s best interests. This includes their relationships with other family members, safety, and domestic violence.

The court will also consider the lifestyle of both parents. The court may award joint custody if one parent is more stable. Ultimately, the judge will make a custody ruling based on the child’s best interest.

Even if you’re amicable and want to work out a custody arrangement, it’s still a good idea to consult a lawyer. Some parents can represent themselves, but you’ll lose a lot of power in negotiations if you do.

Your attorney can also help you with legal issues like child support. They can also guide you through the court process and advise you on presenting your case. For more information, you can visit this site https://www.garwoodfamilylaw.com/ they might help you with the correct approach.

Division of Assets

If you’re preparing for a divorce, you must consult a family law attorney for guidance on asset division. A knowledgeable lawyer can streamline the process and protect your privacy.

The division of assets is one of the most complicated aspects of a divorce. It can be contested when certain items have an exceptionally high value. An Orange County division of assets lawyer can help you determine the best method for your case.

In most states, the law governing the division of assets is called equitable distribution. This means the court will divide assets in a fair and equitable way to both spouses.

The equitable distribution also entails an accurate disclosure. The dollar amount of each purchase is calculated using certain factors.

Assets include money, property, and possessions. These include bank accounts, cars, retirement funds, real estate, and stocks.

When deciding how to divide your assets, you’ll need to find out what’s considered community property and separate property. Community property is typically split 50/50.

On the other hand, the particular property can be inherited, held in a foreign country, or held by a relative.

Aside from dividing your assets, you may need to decide on child support, spousal support, or debts. Some of these decisions can be made by a mediator or attorney. A judge will make other decisions.


Divorce mediation is a way to resolve family law matters without going to court. A divorce mediator is a neutral third party who helps couples settle their issues.

There are several reasons why mediation may be a better option than litigation. For instance, it can be faster, less costly, and more private. It also promotes an open dialogue between the two parties.

Despite its popularity, however, mediation is only right in some cases. If you need clarification on whether or not it’s the best option for you, talk to your family law attorney. He can explain the process and suggest some alternatives.

While it can be faster and cheaper, there are better solutions for your case. Mediation can be more effective in some situations than others, and it’s essential to consider your options before making a decision.

One of the critical components of a successful mediation is honesty. Parties can make mistakes in their negotiations, and one of them could end up walking away.

When considering hiring a lawyer, you should seek someone who can advocate for your interests during mediation. Your attorney can advise you about the legal aspects of your case and help you stay on track with your goals.