What is a Bond Co-Signer and Their Responsibilities?

When someone signs a promissory note with a bondsman for the release of a relative or friend from jail, they are considered the co-signer. You will be required to pay the amount charged by the bondsman. This is generally ten percent of the bail that has been set. In addition, depending on the bail amount, you may have to agree to put up certain other things as collateral. This could include vehicles or a home.

What are a Co-Signers Responsibilities?

A co-signer must make sure the accused or the defendant shows up for all court appearances. If they do not, the co-signer is responsible for the entire amount of the bail. The bondsman will ask them to help find the defendant. In some instances, if the bondsman has to spend time looking for the defendant, the co-signer may be responsible for their expenses. A-Affordable Bail Bonds is one example of a company that offers bail bonds seattle wa.

If you pay a bondsman to get someone released from jail, and you believe they are not going to show up for court, you can talk to the bondsman, and have the bond revoked. The bondsman will contact the authorities to pick up the defendant and take them back to jail. This can be helpful if the defendant tells you they aren’t going to court or begin acting suspiciously as the date draws near. If you have put up your home to have them released, you certainly do not want to lose it if they decide to jump bond.

Jumping Bail

Sometimes, defendants will move out of the city or state where they are facing charges. As a co-signer, if you know where they are, you can tell the bondsman, so they can have the defendant picked up and returned to jail. When someone does not show up for their court appearances, they face additional charges, such as failure to appear.

Co-signers have a lot of responsibility when it comes to getting someone released from jail. This is why most bail companies have certain requirements for co-signer. They prefer someone who is steadily employed, reliable, and with ties to the community.