What You Can Do With the E2 Visa

Are you an investor or managerial employee who aims to live and work in the US in that capacity? Are you already in the US, or are you applying from an eligible country? While the application process is straightforward once you have qualified, it is essential to understand what the E2 visa means.

E2 Visa Is for Entrepreneurs

E2 Treaty investors may apply for the visa and extend the same qualifications to their top-level employees. If you are a qualified holder of an E2 visa, you may need to understand what your new status holds. An experienced immigration law firm can help you learn E2 visa law Los Angeles terms and any other questions you may be having.

What You Can Do With E2 Visa

1.    Establish Consulting Services

A consulting business is in line with the spirit of the E2 visa. Such a business builds unique skill sets and has the potential for growth with minor difficulties. The start-up costs are also manageable for a person finding their way in a new country and environment.

2.    Acquire an Existing Business

If you can raise the required cost, an E2 visa allows you to buy a business that is already running. You may need to check the history of that business and its tax performance before you commit your money. As a new investor, you come with an expanded client base and new skills.

3.    Set Up a New Base for an E Visa Multinational Company

Such a company must have an E2 treaty country, where the US embassy conducts the registration. The treaty allows such companies to bring along their senior employees. You can start by finding out whether your company qualifies under the E2 visa.

Make the Best Out of Your E2 Status

The E2 visa exists because of investors, and the US is a land of opportunities. Make the best out of this opportunity and ensure you follow the law. If unsure about E2 visa Los Angeles requirements, seek expert assistance.