Most Common Reasons People Get Divorced

According to research findings, the rate of divorce cases has risen dramatically over the past two decades. There is no assurance that this trend can be reversed, since relationship matters are private and complex to deal with. The decision to move on with a relationship or bring it to an end is solely in the hands of a couple and, however much outsiders would desire to help, the buck stops with the couple.

Over the years, relationship experts have concluded that in extreme cases involving infidelity and violence, it is better for a couple to go their separate ways before things get out of hand. For a less stressful divorce process, you and your spouse can opt for a collaborative divorce in Boulder. Collaborative divorce allows the two of you to take control of your divorce.

What are the major causes of divorce?

Divorce is usually a painful ordeal, nobody in their right senses would intentionally walk into a divorce process. It always comes as a last option after every other avenue has been explored. Some of the reasons that might prompt a couple to go their different ways include;

Health problems

It is common knowledge that health problems are expensive to deal with, especially when they are chronic illnesses. To see a spouse through their sickness requires a lot of sacrifice and commitment from their partners. Without such attributes, it is easy to give up on an ailing partner and opt for divorce.

Domestic violence

This is probably among the top reasons that a couple might decide to separate. When one partner is violent and aggressive towards their spouse, divorce becomes inevitable in order to avoid many risky outcomes like death.

Substance abuse

Substance abuse can lead an individual to abscond their duties and responsibilities towards their spouse and family. Once this happens, the victim in such a scenario would opt for a divorce for purposes of moving into a new relationship or finding other ways to sustain themselves and their children.

Getting married too young

Those who get married at the age of twenty-three or below tend to face a higher risk of divorce. Marriage requires a high level of patience and understanding, which are qualities that come with maturity and experience. A younger couple is prone to fight and bicker more since their problem-solving ability is not fully developed. However, it is important to note that not everyone that gets married at a young age is destined for divorce. There are many instances where a young couple withers in a storm without the divorce in direction.

Infidelity or extramarital affairs

The damage that infidelity can cause to a relationship is well known. Infidelity leads to mistrust among partners, which sets the foundation for divorce. Without trust, no relationship can thrive, no matter the efforts of a couple.

Lack of commitment

Commitment is a key factor in the success of any relationship. Each partner must be accountable to their spouse in matters to do with emotions and finances.

Religious difference

Being married to a person with different religious beliefs can form the basis for an endless cycle of arguments and inconsideration. Children born to parents with different religious beliefs equally find themselves in compromising situations that can further strain a marriage relationship.

Before a couple reaches the decision to divorce, both of them have had to put up with extremely stressful situations for an extended period. It, therefore, means that they would prefer a less stressful approach that allows them to go on their own separately while still undertaking their responsibilities. To achieve this, collaborative divorce seems to be the perfect option. This form of divorce allows you to reach an amicable solution without many complications.